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Class Organisation

The age range of the school comprises:

Class Year Group Class Teacher Teaching Assistant
Acorn Nursery and Reception Miss Cooper Miss Kerr / Mrs Larkin / Mrs Morgan
Cherry Year 1/Year 2 Mrs Powers Mr Sears/Miss Plunkett/Mrs Eaves
Beech Year 3 Miss Nichol Miss Hill
Maple Year 4 Mr Smith Mrs East
Aspen Year 5 Mr Brazier Mrs Walker/Mrs Eaves
Oak Year 6 Mrs Lancaster Mrs Rathbone/Mrs Rook

When you leave your child at the school gates you are in effect agreeing to allow the teachers and other staff at the school to act ‘in loco parentis’.

This legal definition actually means there are two statutory provisions that relate to the role of teachers acting in loco parentis: first, the Children Act 1989 provides that teachers have a duty of care towards the children under their supervision, as well as promoting the safety and welfare of the children in their care. The level of this duty of care is measured as being that of a ‘reasonable parent.’

All staff value the children as individuals and aim to provide learning opportunities that will build on the children’s strengths and overcome their weaknesses.

Purwell School endeavours to promote different learning styles to motivate each child within the delivery of the curriculum.

School Opening Hours
Doors are open at 8.45am

  • Registration – 8.50am
  • End of the Day – 3.15pm