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Emergency Closures

As part of the school’s planning for emergencies, parents are reminded that incidents that necessitate school closure include such things as extreme weather and loss of essential electrical, water or heating services. Details of school closures will be texted to parents via Schoolcomms.

They will also be displayed on the front page of the school website and on Twitter. On days when the weather conditions are poor but the school is open, parents are advised to walk to school, if possible, and, for those driving, it is advisable to park on Purwell Lane or Kingswood Avenue and walk the remainder.

We hope you appreciate that the decision to close is never made lightly, as the safety and welfare of our children, school staff and parents/carers is of paramount importance, and no one would like to see this compromised.

In the event of closure due to snow, messages will also be on the local radio stations.

Hertfordshire County Council has introduced a new notification system for the school and parents to use called the ‘Everbridge’ system. Parents will need to sign up using the following link: