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School Hours


There is one Nursery session, from 8.50 – 11.50am.

All children attending the Nursery must be brought and collected by an adult. No child should be brought or collected by a child.

If, at any time, you are unable to collect your child yourself, please inform one of the Nursery staff of the alternative arrangements you have made. This can be done by telephone, letter, email or in person. Please remember to let your child know who will be collecting them.

Reception to Year 6

Although there are plans to extend the school day to 32.5 hours. Currently, thours of the remainder of the school are:

  • Morning Session: 8:50am – 12noon
  • Afternoon Session: 1.00pm – 3.15pm

Children should arrive at school between 8.40am and 8:50am. They should enter the school through the playground gates to either the infant or junior playground. Junior children should go straight to their classrooms. Infant children should be accompanied whilst they wait on the playground. If the weather is bad, infant children should be sent straight into their classroom.

As safety is paramount in our school, children must not use the main entrance, as it is used by vehicles and because of the obvious dangers.